Samurai Game® International Facilitator Training Certification is a simulated experience, designed as a learning strategy for the environments that surround us, as well as our inner reality. The game is also a corporative strategy, comprised of theoretical and practical components, in which the participant will be in a simulated experience based on the Middle Ages, where the japanese samurais lived. The certificate involves topics such as teambuilding and leadership, getting to know the moral values of our daily life, in order to the participant be able to fully understand the philosophy and become a facilitator with international acknowledge, to subsequently run their own courses and workshops and be part of the exclusive international community of Samurai Game® Facilitators.

Benefits of Samurai Game® Facilitator Certification:

  • Be part of the exclusive International Samurai Game® Facilitator Community.
  • High curricular value for your future projects.
  • Opportunity for new work horizons through workshops, courses and business dynamics.
  • Certification with international validity.
  • Social skills improvement, oriented into working spaces.
  • Self-knowledge through Bushidō as a principle for improve your quality of life.
  • Be part of the unique certification training of Samurai Game® Facilitator in 2019.
  • Learn with the prestigious Garyson James and Lance Giroux, the only two teachers in the world who are qualified to certificate new facilitators.

The course

Samurai Game® Facilitator Certification is conducted once a year. This time, the course will take place in Tepoztlan, Mexico (an hour away from Mexico City) in March 11 to 21st, in the beautiful and zen location of  La Buena Vibra Resort.

This course offers ten consecutive days of classes and activities, structured in five days of intensive training and five days of practice and certification, given by the prestigious teachers Grayson James and Lance Giroux, recognized international facilitators and the only ones accredited worldwide to give this certification.


$13, 500 - Includes training material, hosting and meals.

Airfare or ground transportation are not included and are the participant responsibility.


This is the only certification for 2019.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Facilitator of Samurai Game®.

Apply now and obtain a benefit in your inscription fee.

Ownership Notice – Participants

The Samurai Game®

Script by George Leonard (1977) is provided by Samurai Game Associates, LLC, Training & Certification Representatives of The Leonard Family Trust, Owner


A current listing of certified Facilitators of The Samurai Game® is available at

Format, flow, activities, characters, character staging, script lines are fixed in form in writing and recording, and constitute Intellectual Property copyrighted in 1977 by George Leonard. US Copyright # TXu 1-626-797 International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved

All productions of The Samurai Game®, including those delivered as adaptations, or with title changes, or character name changes, and all derivatives are covered by copyright and require pre-production written approval from Samurai Game Associates, LLC.

The trade name “The Samurai Game” is ® a Registered Trademark US Trademark Registration #2,630,801

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